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Every day we earn the trust of more cleaning clients in Algeciras. Thanks to our commitment and dedication we have been able to extend our services outside of our original region and satisfy the needs of tens of clients in Algeciras. We are equipped with more than a decade of putting smiles on peoples faces and diligently fulfilling the requests of our clients.

Cleaning and Hygiene in Algeciras

Ecolimp is a company that doesn’t only satisfy its promises but exceeds the expectations of its clients; it would be sufficient to take a look at our figures to comprehend the behemoth of a service that you are about to receive. Our team of professional cleaners are experts in every area of cleaning, a combination of skill and experience that you will notice from beginning to end. An excellent service that you have never seen before in the world of cleaning.

Our training and experience is like bread and butter, with the tools and techniques we are equipped with. Our cleaners have at their disposal an incredible arsenal of tools and products capable of overcoming any adversity when it comes to dirt and hygiene.

We stand out above the rest owing to the fact we never tire of evolving and growing as a company. Our mission is to have within our reach every class of cleaning and hygiene techniques. We also stand out in that every service we offer is firmly oriented to the specific needs of each client, as for us each client is an individual and therefore deserving of their own specific action plan. For this reason, above anything else, we carry out a summary of all the necessary information for the service that said client demands. We have always been known for our focus on the client and offering such service regardless of the type of client, from a hypermarket to a simple home.

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Home Cleaning Service in Algeciras

If anything makes us feel good when entering our home it is finding it in a perfect state of hygiene and cleanliness. Our home is the place where, upon entering, we feel free and the boss of every detail, a place ruled by none other than our own rules. For this reason, taking care of it and leaving it in good condition provides us with security and tranquility that translates to pure psychological wellbeing. The problem is that, on occasion, for a plethora of reasons, we find ourselves immersed in certain circumstances that impede our ability to make our home shine and sparkle, be it due to time, laziness, or a lack of skill that the labor requires.

For this reason, Ecolimp offers you the possibility of feeling said sensation of wellbeing, and feeling it for as long as possible, as our company offers a recurring cleaning service for houses, apartments, and flats.


Hotel and Hostel Cleaning in Algeciras

Algeciras is a city gifted with an idyllic location, a location that allows it to accommodate hundreds of people each day. As such, to offer decent accommodation service is a long term investment that will make a lot of people return to your hotel or hostel without thinking twice; for this reason, we would like to help you in being able to offer such unforgettable experiences.

The good news is that with our cleaning company in Algeciras you will not need to worry about absolutely anything other than getting in touch with us, as the details related to cleaning and disinfection will be taken care of by our specialised team.

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Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water in Algeciras

Our constant hunger for development in our sector forces us to work with ionised water cleaning and disinfection techniques. And from experience, we would like to outline that it is a chemical free method that does not cause harm to the environment, and offers a wide range of uses including: window cleaning, toilet cleaning, crockery cleaning… to leave any and every surface free of bacteria and viral matter.


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