Cleaning Rincon de la Victoria

Cleaning Company Rincon de la Victoria

Ecolimp is a cleaning company based in Rincon de la Victoria, we work with the best staff to guarantee cleaning in the most efficient way. We have been working for 15 years throughout the Costa del Sol and specifically, in Rincon de la Victoria.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Communities in Rincon de la Victoria

Feeling that the community you live in is not cared for can lead to general discomfort and make it difficult for neighbours to coexist. At Ecolimp we pride ourselves as being a company with years of experience offering quality cleaning services . Our methodology is based on the speed and the efficiency in providing customised solutions to your community.

For the common areas of your community, we are not only a cleaning company in Rincon de la Victoria, but we also offer pool maintenance services, comprehensive maintenance of communities and disinfection of common spaces with ionized water and ozone, this is to minimise the possibility of contracting some types of virus among the members of the community


We have a fully qualified team and we work with specialised machinery and products to guarantee the cleanliness of your community in Rincon de la Victoria.

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Cleaning Company Rincon de la Victoria for Offices

We offer cleaning and maintenance services for all types of companies. In the event that your workplace is an office, we will ensure that your office does not have a speck of dust. It has been proven that cleanliness and order are essential for people’s concentration and productivity.

However, we also offer cleaning in other types of sectors such as restaurants and shopping centres . These types of establishments require a more thorough cleaning and disinfection on a larger scale due to the large influx of people and more specifically with the current situation regarding COVID-19. For this reason, we have a Cleaning and Disinfection service with Ionized Water.    


Cleaning and Hygiene company for Hotels and Tourist Homes

Both the Rincon de la Victoria area and the province of Malaga in general are areas of great tourist influx, which has led to the rental of tourist apartments and a high hotel occupancy. If you want your guests to feel comfortable during their stay, it is essential to hire a cleaning and hygiene company for hotels and tourist homes in Rincon de la Victoria.

In addition, at Ecolimp we have different disinfection methods with ozone and ionized water. This is ideal if you have guests on a regular basis, as it is capable of eliminating all types of viruses, bacteria, etc. , which will help you maintain a good image for your business and get positive reviews.


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Types of Cleaning We Do

Our years of experience and the trust that customers have placed in Ecolimp, has been a key factor in expanding our cleaning services in Rincon de la Victoria to other areas:

  • Cleaning of Clinics: A clinic must have great hygiene and cleanliness of the entire place and all its equipment. We will help you clean your clinic with a professional service adapted to your circumstances. We carry out the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of your work equipment.

  • Cleaning of schools and shelters: Now more than ever, the cleaning of these places is essential for the safety and health of children and families. Children spend most of their time in educational centres where there is a large amount of people. That is why we provide innovative solutions with good results.

  • Industrial cleaning: In the event that you have a warehouse or work in one, Ecolimp will take care of cleaning your warehouse with specific products.

  • Cleaning of homes for individuals: Regardless of the type of home you live in (villa, chalet, flat …). We offer ecological cleaning of houses that will guarantee the care and cleaning of your home and the environment.

  • Others: We also carry out cleaning of textiles, end of work, polishing floors, etc.


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