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An efficient cleaning company in Estepona, with great staff, trained to apply the most modern cleaning techniques. Cleaning will always be a priority in the home, community or business. At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we have over 15 years’ experience and therefore remain a trusted option to turn to.

Specialists in cleaning Estepona communities

If something sets us apart as a cleaning company in Estepona, it is the preparation and experience of our cleaners. They are prepared to offer top quality services, whilst always taking into account the requests of our customers. We are a safe, but above all, reliable option to clean every community, urbanisation or company.

Not only are we committed to doing an excellent job, but we specialise in offering innovative cleaning and disinfection techniques, as in our cleaning with the use of ionised water and ozone. This results in comprehensive cleaning without a negative impact on the environment, as well as having a high degree of effectiveness and disinfection.

All our services are customised according to the needs of each client. Once the necessary information is collected, an action plan can be made that is able to adapt to the cleaning and disinfection needs of each company, home or community.

Our staff also strive to attend cleaning services in Estepona very quickly. So, no matter when cleaning emergencies occur, complete provision will be made. And of course, the variety of services we offer makes us one of the most prepared companies for all kinds of cleaning on the Costa del Sol.

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Office Cleaning Service in Estepona

Looking for an office cleaning service in Estepona? At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we can help with this. We know the importance of having workspaces free from dust and dirt, so we offer this kind of service every day of the year.

A clean office will be synonymous with good performance by employees but also creates a good impression on business customers. The reasons are simple. In the first instance employees can concentrate and feel safer and more comfortable in clean, sanitised places. Whereas, in the second instance, nothing compares to the bad impression an office or company makes with a disorganised and dirty appearance.

Our experts will provide a deep and recurrent cleaning of these spaces, to project the best possible image, this is a fact and not just an aspiration.

Limpieza Oficinas Estepona

Cleaning Tourist Apartments Estepona

Estepona is a tourist town on the Costa del Sol where it is commonplace to spend unforgettable holidays of the highest quality.

You may own one of these tourist or holiday apartments located in Estepona. In this case, we offer you the cleaning services of our company so that your apartment is ready and prepared to receive new visitors. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them.


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Types of Cleaning:

We specialise in cleaning offices, holiday apartments and houses, but equally other facilities such as:

  • Hotel cleaning: The cleanliness of a hotel is everything. We can help with this.

  • Cleaning malls: The constant influx of people in shopping malls means that they need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. We also help with that.

  • Industrial cleaning: The cleaning of ships in Estepona is another of our fortes.

  • Cleaning schools: The health of children is a priority that is achieved with the help of a cleaning and disinfection service like ours.

  • Other services offered: In the same way, we offer cleaning services for party rooms, sports facilities, medical and dental clinics, etc.


Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water

One of the latest cleaning technologies is that of using ionised water. At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we use it to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety.

This method is innovative and safe because it is free of chemicals as well as harmful processes for the environment. In addition, its effectiveness is exceedingly high and will work perfectly on materials such as glass, earthenware, porcelain, toilets, among many others.


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