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Malaga Commercial Cleaning 

At Ecolimp, we specialise in Malaga Commercial Cleaning of Premises. We offer a customised service, with qualified materials and professionals. We have experience in different types of cleaning and sanitization of different types of premises, guaranteeing the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Experts in Commercial Premises Cleaning in Malaga

As experts in commercial cleaning in Malaga, we carry out a thorough cleaning, hygiene and disinfection of the surfaces of the premises, depending on the needs of each space. Our teams are in constant training, constantly learning the latest techniques and innovations to provide a higher quality service, efficiently removing dirt and bacteria from surfaces.

With us, the results are the best, with shinier, cleaner and more aesthetic surfaces, satisfying customer expectations and adapting to the cleaning requirements that must be met.


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Comprehensive and specific cleaning services

An excellent cleaning of the premises in Malaga improves the image of the company, favours the wellbeing of the employees and has a positive impact on the clients who visit the premises.

With our comprehensive and specific cleaning services, we offer customised attention that employs cutting-edge technology and quality materials to obtain optimum results in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our services are characterised by the use of ecological materials and techniques, which do not harm the environment and do not affect people’s well-being.

They are techniques that guarantee the best results without generating any type of contamination and that favour the image of the premises in the eyes of the clients.

Cleaning with ozone

This active form of oxygen is efficient for the disinfection of spaces, by eliminating bacteria, animal odours or humidity. It is a fast method that does not damage the treated surfaces.

Ionised water cleaning

This is a technique which uses ionised water, resulting in an efficient cleaning of up to 99.9%, with the advantage that it does not require detergents for cleaning, making it an environmentally friendly method.


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Steam cleaning

By using dry steam at high temperatures, we can achieve a thorough cleaning of surfaces with the least amount of water.

In addition, the high temperatures of the steam eliminate germs and bacteria, without using harmful chemicals, and with the possibility of using it on all types of surfaces.


Why choosing our Malaga Commercial Cleaning?

Our services use quality products with a high degree of efficiency, implemented by qualified personnel who are kept up to date with the latest techniques. They also use the necessary tools for each type of cleaning.

The professional cleaning and sanitising machinery is tailored to the needs of your premises, offering hygiene and disinfection. We will remove dirt and bacteria from the surface thoroughly.

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we work with a flexible timetable that allows us to adapt to the free hours of the premises, in this way, it does not affect the tasks of the rest of the employees during the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection process.

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