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When looking for a Marbella cleaning company, Ecolimp Costa del Sol can be cited with complete confidence for many reasons but amongst the most important we can state is our 15 years + experience, of working both with individuals and companies.

We also seek to offer comprehensive cleaning solutions with the highest standards of innovation, and always aim for customer satisfaction. We are committed to the sustainability of the planet and advanced cleanliness in every possible way.

Marbella Community Cleaning Specialists

A personalisation of services in Marbella cleaning is the key for each customer to feel satisfied. At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we are committed to offering quick and adaptable responses to the needs of each individual case. The best part is that the services offered will always be guided by standards such as the safety, quality and the occupational health of our employees.

We present ourselves as specialists in cleaning communities in Marbella, where we are a reliable option to perform the cleaning of these areas. Our methods are advanced and efficient, as is evident with the incorporation of ionised water and ozone into disinfection processes.

The cleaning in Marbella of buildings or developments must meet the highest standards since it is in these areas where the daily routine of residents takes place. Expectations are high in the multiple tasks required, and a satisfactory way is sought to meet all these requirements.

So Ecolimp Costa del Sol will take care of tasks such as disinfecting communal surfaces, cleaning glass or caring for communal areas such as swimming pools or gardens. Duties of this type are classified according to their periodicity, so daily tasks such as sweeping, or scrubbing will be performed, as well as weekly cleaning of glass and monthly surface polishing.

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Office Cleaning Service in Marbella

An office is a well-used space for employees who work in them for hours at a time, so cleaning of these places is essential for the comfort and safety of workers.

The advantages of working in a hygienic and ordered office, apply not only to health but also to employee performance. They will be motivated to work if in a receptive environment. It is interesting to mention that more than this, a clean office reflects the quality of the company to which it belongs.

A dirty or disorganised office can easily be counterproductive to any business because it will suggest to clients that no attention is paid to an aspect as basic as cleaning itself. In this sense at Ecolimp Costa del Sol we offer office cleaning in Marbella ideal to increase employee productivity and comfort in any company.


Cleaning Tourist Apartments Marbella

Famous as a tourist destination, Marbella is a city where apartments and tourist flats abound. However, those owners who do not reside in Marbella and / or have little time to devote to their maintenance, can find this aspect quite an inconvenience.

Cleaning or hygiene tasks are essential in all types of apartment, but much more so in the touristic ones. So, turning to a cleaning company in Marbella like us, is an effective solution.

With our experience and tools, we will perform deep and quick cleaning to these kinds of apartment.


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Types of Cleaning:

Cleaning knows no limits, for this reason we have focused on offering services to reach all the needs posed by our customers. In addition to cleaning communities, offices and holiday apartments, we are able to offer other types of cleaning such as:

Cleaning hotels: Cleaning is one of the most important requirements for hotel guests, entering a dirty room will almost guarantee that a customer will not return. So, we help keep these sites spotless.
Cleaning malls: The constant influx of people in shopping malls easily converts them into sites full of bacteria, pathogens and viruses. The abundance of areas of unlimited communal use may pose a risk of not being as properly sanitised as necessary. We’re ready for this.
Industrial cleaning: We also offer ship cleaning in Marbella as well as factories or the like.
School cleaning: Children’s health is directly related to school cleanliness.
Others: We are also specialists in other types of cleaning such as medical clinics, sports facilities, party rooms, etc.


Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water

We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and hygiene for our customers, which is why we use the latest technology in this field, ionised water.

Using ionised water for cleaning processes involves the removal of chemicals. Thus, gaining an environmentally friendly tool capable of being applied on all kinds of common surfaces.


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