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At Torremolinos cleaning company we are an advanced cleaning company with over 15 years’ experience in the cleaning sector, oriented towards individuals, companies and neighbourhood communities.

Our philosophy and work policy are based on being able to offer complete and quality cleaning services, making use of the most innovative equipment. In order to perform our function properly we have a team of very well qualified professionals who make sure that after each cleaning, the client is completely satisfied.

All this has contributed to us being one of the leading cleaning companies in Torremolinos; thus, being a trusted company that enjoys recognition and prestige, not only in Torremolinos, but also in the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

If what you are looking for is a company specialised in cleaning different facilities in Torremolinos, we are the best option, because we offer a multitude of cleaning services in Torremolinos, which we will explain below.


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Community cleaning specialists in Torremolinos

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol cleaning company in Torremolinos we have highly qualified staff that have specialised in various and very different cleaning techniques so that the communal areas, such as the stairs and public areas of your community are very clean, disinfected and gleaming. In addition, we can assure you that we have many customers who have placed and continue to place their trust in us as their preferred company for cleaning communities in Torremolinos.

It is very common that when living in a neighbourhood community and sharing the communal areas with other people, that there are complaints about limited and poor cleanliness of these areas. That is why we want to put a community cleaning team in Torremolinos within your reach and that of your neighbours, that will make all complaints related to the cleanliness and maintenance of communal areas vanish.

Our main objective is that a community’s inhabitants reside in a building or urbanization in which the communal areas are clean and ready for use without risk of possible infections arising from any germ or pathogen present. There are many neighbourhood residents who, seeing the negatives of some community cleaning companies, or their poor results, decide to clean up the communal areas themselves, but at Ecolimp we consider that this is not fair and we want to bring it to an end. This is why we offer a completely reliable community cleaning service in Torremolinos that will provide impeccable cleaning services.

If you need a community cleaning company in Torremolinos, trust Ecolimp, we are cleaning professionals and we won’t let you or your community down.

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Office Cleaning Service in Torremolinos

At Ecolimp we also have an office cleaning service in Torremolinos. The technology we use in each office cleaning service allows us to obtain efficient results in the shortest possible time, increasing the productivity levels of our cleaning services. In addition, the efficiency and productivity of our services comes hand in hand with results whose hygiene levels are ideal to create a good working atmosphere in the office.

To ensure maximum quality disinfection, not only from offices, but from any type of room, we make use of ionised water, as we are specialists in Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water; we also use Ozone to ensure greater cleaning and hygiene of spaces.

Advocates for a comprehensive office cleaning and disinfection service. For us, superficial and aesthetic cleaning is not enough, we emphasise the hygiene of all surfaces, making use of the best cleaning technology on the market.


Cleaning of Tourist Apartments in Torremolinos

Finally, from Ecolimp, we also want to let you know about our tourist apartment cleaning service in Torremolinos. In recent years, the demand for tourist apartments in Torremolinos has grown exponentially as it is a holiday destination offering a wide range of services. As with everything, with the exponential growth in apartments, the demand for cleaning services also grows.

Whether you have an apartment to rent or your own, with our tourist apartment cleaning service in Torremolinos you can forget about having to clean and disinfect it yourself, or hire someone who very likely will not carry out a thorough cleaning.

We want to let you know that, with our cleaning company in Torremolinos, and the apartment cleaning service, you will always have superb cleaning results, which, if you have clients who rent the apartment, will get you very good reviews and they will want to come back because it is a very neat, tidy and hygienic apartment.


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