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Fuengirola Self-Service Laundry

Self-Service Laundry in Fuengirola by Ecolimp. From €4, wash and dry your clothes in less than an hour. Come visit us!

Without relying on anybody else, you can arrive at a time of your choice and do your laundry quickly and economically. We have the most powerful washers and dryers on the market that achieve an excellent quality result in just 30 minutes. Forget about having to wash at home, take advantage of having a professional and quality laundry room in Fuengirola.

Professional Laundry in Fuengirola

How do we do that? It’s very simple. At Ecolimp we offer an innovative self-service laundry service where you can visit us at Avenida de las Salinas 6 in Fuengirola; this type of service allows you to wash and dry your clothes in a quick and efficient way. This solution is ideal for those customers who need to wash their clothes without having to worry about the timetables of conventional laundries.

In addition to the convenience of being able to wash clothes at any time of the day, Ecolimp’s service has many advantages. Firstly, it is very easy to use, as the machines are designed to be intuitive and simple to operate. You can also choose between different sizes of washer and dryer, which allows you to adapt to the needs you are looking for.

Another advantage of Ecolimp’s self-service laundry is that we use state of the art technology that saves water and energy, which in turn is beneficial for the environment. Don’t wait any longer, we are a practical and convenient solution for efficient and carefree laundry. With advanced technology and a focus on sustainability.

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Lavandería Fuengirola
Lavandería Fuengirola
Lavandería Fuengirola

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