Cleaning in Sotogrande

Cleaning company in Sotogrande

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we offer cleaning services in Sotogrande. We are a cleaning company with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, we take care of all cleaning tasks on all types of surfaces for different establishments and homes.

Our goal is to carry out professional and detailed work, always maintaining quality standards in the service we offer, always seeking the satisfaction of our clients, for this we have a team of professionals who, with care and dedication, will make your space both at work and at home or your housing development gleam.

Community cleaning specialists in Sotogrande

Among our services, the cleaning of communities in Sotogrande, stands out, being a municipality that has numerous luxury communities and developments, where a good cleaning company such as Ecolimp Costa del Sol is required to ensure the correct cleaning and disinfection.

We know that now more than ever the cleaning and disinfection of communal places within communities is essential, ensuring thorough cleaning is our mission. We carry out cleaning paying attention to every space and detail, we carry out maintenance of swimming pools, cleaning windows, stairs, etc. All communal areas shared by neighbours.

One of the main concerns of the neighbours who live in developments and communities is that the space is clean, since it is common to receive complaints from neighbours about the state of communal areas and deficiencies in cleaning. If you hire our cleaning company in Sotogrande that will not happen, our team of professionals will ensure that all communal areas are kept clean with environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, ensuring proper cleaning so that everyone who lives there can enjoy it.


It is through our commitment, years of experience and clients that guarantee that we have become a safe and reliable cleaning company to carry out the cleaning tasks in all types of communities. What matters most to us is the satisfaction of our customers, therefore, we have incorporated a new cleaning product, ionized water and ozoneto ensure proper disinfection.

We fully adapt to the needs of the community, offering a personalized and tailored service, this is part of our hallmark. We will make a plan according to what our client needs, adapted to the established budget, achieving a balance between service and price.

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Work space cleaning service in Sotogrande

We take care of cleaning all types of workplaces, offices, premises, etc. It is important that they are kept clean for the safety of employees and customers, by seeing the establishment clean and fresh, they are left with a good impression.

A clean company projects a fresh and renewed image, helping the productivity of workers and promoting the acquisition of customers in the premises.

We will ensure that your workplace in Sotogrande has an unmatched cleanliness, our team of professionals who with years of experience know how to perfectly handle all kinds of situations.

Cleaning in tourist apartments in Sotogrande

Sotogrande stands out for being a very popular tourist town thanks to its geographical position and good weather all year round. It has numerous tourist apartments, which has led many clients to demand our services for cleaning and setting up holiday apartments in Sotogrande.

At Ecolimp we are specialists in cleaning tourist apartments, we stand out for our quick action and effective cleaning and disinfection of apartments, we know that it is very important that tourists find a clean and fresh place. We will take care of offering help to the owners of the apartment that trusts us with keeping the place clean. This type of cleaning requires quick action as guests often come and go several times a week.

We offer not only a cleaning, but also a complete disinfection of the apartment with ionized water and ozone to guarantee the complete elimination of any type of virus or bacteria. Our team of professionals is prepared to carry out a deep and fast cleaning of the holiday apartment.


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We carry out different types of cleaning

We take care of offering a cleaning service in all types of places, these are our areas of expertise:

  • Cleanliness in Hotels: with the continuous circulation of tourists and a large number of people who pass through a hotel, it is important to maintain a cleanliness to attract customers and give a good image, we will help you achieve it.
  • Cleaning in Shopping Centres: we also carry out comprehensive cleaning for all types of shopping centres.
  • Industrial cleaning: we carry out cleaning of warehouses or factories in Sotogrande
  • Cleaning of schools: we guarantee a complete cleaning for the health of the children.
  • Others: We adapt to the needs of our clients to offer comprehensive cleaning in any type of place.
Cleaning and disinfection with ionized water and ozone

We are committed to offering the highest level of safety and cleanliness to our customers, therefore, we have incorporated the latest cleaning technology into our products, the use of ionized water and ozone.

We eliminate chemical products, achieving an environmentally friendly cleaning service without losing quality. This is very effective resulting in total disinfection and greater safety for all. We are constantly innovating and developing our cleaning techniques in order to offer our customers the latest and safest methods.


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