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A Malaga cleaning company specialising in cleaning public and private spaces with over 15 years’ experience.  At Ecolimp  Costa del Sol, we stand out for the quality of our services. Our experienced professional team will carry out whatever type of cleaning required (cleaning the home, community or business) Our customers are satisfied with the results.

Malaga Community Cleaning Specialists

As a community cleaning company in Malaga with extensive experience, we distinguish ourselves by the quality and professionalism with which we’ve offered our services over the years. This has made us a safe and reliable option to clean all kinds of communities and developments with the highest standards in the sector. Furthermore, with our community cleaning service, we incorporate ionized water and ozone as we believe that a comprehensive clean should also disinfect.

The personalisation of our services, to appropriately identify the needs required by the communities, is one of our hallmarks. In accordance with the wishes of each client we will carry out an action plan that will adapt to the type of community or urbanization, needs and budget, achieving a balance between the quality of the service and the price.

We are renowned for the speed and immediacy with which we work. The convenience we offer facilitates the contracting of our services. We have a wide catalogue of cleaning services, which focuses on covering all the most wanted aspects in this sector.

If you are looking for specialists in cleaning communities in Malaga, we are an option to consider.

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Office Cleaning Service in Malaga

An office needs to be clean for employee safety, and to boost productivity. Additionally, it adds to reputation with any visiting customers. No one wants to work or hire in a dirty or poorly maintained space. That is why we offer our Malaga office cleaning services. 

To ensure the comfort and safety of both employees and customers in an office, we have a variety of professionals trained to carry out the cleaning and hygiene of these spaces. Ensuring not only the good performance of employees, and the care of their health, but also projecting a better image.

A clean business projects a positive image to customers and suppliers, as opposed to a disorganised office or dirty workspace.


Cleaning Tourist Apartments Malaga

Malaga is a major European tourist hotspot with a wide range of tourist apartment rentals which has led us to have many customers demand a specific service. That is why we have become a reference point as a Malaga tourist apartment cleaning company. We know that by their very nature, the cleaning of these is complicated for those owners who live far away or who simply do not have the time to dedicate to the task of cleaning and hygiene. Because amongst other things these type of apartments need timely cleaning for guests arriving and departing and other cleans during the week.

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we not only offer cleaning, but also disinfecting these apartments with ionized water and ozone, to ensure the elimination of any type of virus, pathogen and bacteria from them. We perform deep but fast cleaning of tourist and holiday apartments.


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Types of Cleaning we Perform

As well as focusing on cleaning communities, offices and holiday apartments, we are also specialists in:

  • Hotel cleaning: A clean hotel will always attract guests and this builds trust in the business. We help with this.

  • Cleaning of shopping centres: Cleaning shopping centres in Malaga is another of our roles.

  • Industrial cleaning: For the cleaning of ships in Malaga, as well as factories or facilities of this type.

  • School cleaning: We know how essential it is to ensure the best conditions for children’s health. We offer our cleaning and maintenance services.

  • Others: We also specialise in cleaning sports facilities, function rooms, dealerships, medical and dental clinics etc.

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Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol we specialise in using the latest technology to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and safety. One of our added values is cleaning and disinfection with ionised water. By making use of ionised water, we are able to eliminate the use of chemicals and employ one of the most innovative and safe cleaning methods in the world today.

This system, in addition to its effectiveness, is remarkable for being environmentally friendly. By offering a sustainable and responsible method for the planet, it is ecological. It is also an appropriate method for all kinds of commonly used surfaces such as glass, mirrors, porcelain, earthenware, toilets, etc.

The importance of ozone for disinfection is becoming more and more evident and that is why we also offer it as a complement in our cleaning services.


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