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Cleaning company in Manilva – Sabinillas

We are a cleaning company in Manilva – Sabinillas with 15 years of experience in the sector. We offer our clients professional and high-quality service, and we clean all types of spaces.

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, our professional team will ensure that your space stays sparkling clean, giving it a rejuvenated, fresh look. Now more than ever, it’s essential to clean and disinfect spaces correctly so as not to endanger the health of the people who use them on a daily basis.

Our objective as a cleaning company is to guarantee that your space is cleaned correctly, so that the people who live in it can enjoy a clean, well-maintained space. We are innovators in our sector, disinfecting your space using ecological products that are environmentally friendly

Specialist cleaners for residents’ associations in Manilva – Sabinillas

Among our services, we can highlight our cleaning services for residents’ associations in Manilva – Sabinillas. We clean all the common areas that are shared by the residents, and carry out maintenance on swimming pools, stairs, windows, etc. 

We already work with many different residents’ associations and estates, providing high-quality cleaning services. As we take pride in being a professional and serious company, we always make sure to provide top-quality service when doing our job. 

We are innovators in the sector and we are constantly updating our methods to offer our customers the very best. For this reason, we have begun to offer ionised water and ozone cleaning, to ensure more thorough disinfection of the estate’s common areas.

Another of our characteristic traits is the speed and immediacy of our services. Our professional team is available whenever you need them, and so it’s very convenient to contract our services.

We adapt our services completely to the needs of each residents’ association in Manilva – Sabinillas, offering personalised service to each one. We carry out an action plan adapted to each client’s budget, finding a balance between the service we offer and the price. What matters most to us is the satisfaction of our clients.

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Cleaning Services for offices in Manilva – Sabinillas

It is essential to keep offices and workplaces properly clean to ensure employee safety and encourage productivity. It’s also important to maintain a clean and fresh appearance for the sake of any customers who enter the establishment, as this is very important for the company’s image. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive office cleaning service in Manilva – Sabinillas, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the cleanliness of your workplace.

Enjoy a clean and fresh office with Ecolimp Costa del Sol. We are committed to offering you top-quality service with the highest standards of professionalism and environmentally friendly products.


Cleaning services for tourist apartments in Manilva – Sabinillas

Manilva – Sabinillas is known for its popularity among tourists, and so many tourist apartments have appeared, which has led to an increasing demand for cleaning services for holiday apartments.

For this reason, we have become a cleaning company for holiday apartments in Manilva – Sabinillas. We know that these kinds of spaces require a very particular kind of cleaning service due to the continuous comings and goings of different tourists; a quick, efficient cleaning service is required, so that when the traveller arrives they walk into a clean space, which gives a good impression and builds trust.

At Ecolimp, we are experts in carrying out professional and quick cleaning services in tourist apartments in Manilva – Sabinillas: changing the sheets, cleaning the whole space, and arranging and tidying the place so that everything is ready when the new guests arrive. The speed of the service is very important, because there are cases where the space needs to be cleaned and disinfected several times a week.

You can count on us to clean and disinfect your tourist apartment properly. We will make sure that guests arrive to find a perfectly clean, fresh space and that you as the owner don’t have to worry about anything as far as cleaning is concerned.

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Cleaning and disinfection with ionised water and ozone

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we constantly adapt our services to the needs of the market, offering our customers the latest innovations order to guarantee the high quality of our cleaning and disinfection services.

For this reason, one of the services that we have started to offer is cleaning with ionized water. Using this product means that we no longer use chemicals, so it’s ecological and environmentally friendly. Its function is to disinfect the target area with precision and efficiency, and it can be used on all types of surfaces (glass, mirrors, porcelain, tiles, toilets, etc.) resulting in a perfectly clean, disinfected space.


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