Trauma Cleaning Company

Trauma Cleaning Company

What is trauma cleaning?

Trauma cleaning is a special type of cleaning, with the objective to clean, organise, and disinfect a scene that is both visually and sanitarily chaotic. Not only because of the chaos caused, but also because of the significant health impact.

On another note within this category, we can mention the forensics cases (suicides, deaths and homicides) and, on the other hand, diseases and mental illnesses that lead to nefarious levels of hygiene. Said cases are characterised by an unpresentable image they project of the home or space affected, but above all, the uninhabitable environment they lead to. Moreover, in this same field of cleaning, squatter cleaning is also categorised.

In this type of cleaning, intervention is necessary by a highly qualified team with both professionalism and mental forbearance, as said scenarios come with a notable mental and physical health risk.


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Types of Trauma Cleaning

Forensics trauma cleaning

This type of trauma cleaning requires disinfection and sanitisation of the place in question, as in scenes of homicide, murder or suicide. In these cases, once the police investigation has concluded, every trace of blood and bodily remains must be removed.

Trauma cleaning derived from mental disorders

Generally affecting people with Diogenes or Noe syndrome. The first case leading to the accumulation of useless, unvalued clutter in the home, and without paying any attention to the health risks derived from the terrible hygiene. The second, even more severe, leads to the accumulation of a great number of animals, without taking care of any of the associated hygiene responsibilities coming with them.

Squatter cleaning

Unfortunately in the Cadiz and Malaga provinces, there are a lot of squatter dwellings, where properties recovered tend to be found in despicable states of hygiene and cleanliness. For this reason, we offer a specialised cleaning service to leave any type of property that has been occupied in perfect condition.

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Why hire trauma cleaning experts?

To begin, a person without the required training to face a trauma clean might be gravely affected physically, as they will be exposed to a  risk of infection and highly contaminated air. This is owing to the fact that there is no way of knowing, at first glance, the quantity of bacteria and plagues that are in such environments. In addition, mental health isn’t free either, as it would not be the first time someone has suffered post traumatic stress, depression or panic attacks.

It is worth highlighting that, equally, at the scenes that require professional trauma cleaning intervention, the conventional cleaning products are not sufficient to achieve appropriate cleanliness and hygiene, as we are talking of a plethora of peculiar substances and unusual remains.

To make the decision to hire an appropriate team for such a task is the suitable alternative for said property to recover its initial value and be able to accommodate people without fear of physical or psychological suffering being a risk. For this reason, only professionals with experience in the sector can guarantee laudable results, as by oneself, and ignoring the pertinent risks, one can never know with certainty when the place is safely clean and risk free.

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How can Ecolimp Costa del Sol help you?

We have 15 years of experience and a team of professionals specialised in trauma cleaning, that have the indispensable techniques, knowledge and tools to be able to return the space back to its optimal state. Get in contact with us and we will provide you a quote with no commitments. Specialists in Trauma Cleaning.


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Do you need Trauma Cleaning Services for your Home, Business, Store, Clinic, ¿or Communal Space?

At Ecolimp we carry out trauma cleaning for all kinds of businesses, homes and shared residence: offices, chalets, tourist apartments, clinics, gyms, studies, shops, restaurants, hotels… 

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