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Ecolimp is a cleaning company in Mijas that is specialised in the sanitisation and disinfection of both public and private spaces. As a cleaning company, we boast 15 years of experience and a professional team of highly-trained specialists, which means that we can offer very high-quality service. Whether you need cleaning services for your apartment, residents’ association, office… Out staff can perform any kind of cleaning task, and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.


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Specialist cleaning services for residents’ associations in Mijas

We are a cleaning company that offers services for residents’ associations in Mijas, and we are very proud to say that we have a great deal of experience. This experience differentiates us from other cleaning companies, because we always provide top-quality service and and a spotlessly clean result. Over the years and thanks to our experience, we have positioned ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy company offering cleaning services for residents’ associations and housing estates in Mijas. Our system for cleaning residents’ associations in Mijas uses ionised water and ozone. The resulting cleanliness and standard of disinfection are unbeatable.

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Tailor-made services

Our services are completely personalised, because we want to make sure that we adapt them to the different needs of each individual residents’ association. Our personalised service is what defines our identity as a company. We put together an action plan according to the wishes of each client, which allows us to adapt our service to their requirements and needs, and at the same time is perfectly suited to the corresponding type of residents’ association or housing estate. No matter what the service might be, we always make sure that it’s suited to our client’s budget. Our goal is for the cleaning services that our company provides to residents’ associations in Mijas to be a good balance of quality and price, because we believe that that is the best way to success.

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Speedy and immediate service

On the other hand, we are committed to making sure that our cleaning services are performed quickly and immediately. Our services are available whenever our clients need them and are very versatile, which makes it easy for our clients to book a cleaning service for their residents’ association in Mijas. Moreover, we also offer an extensive range of services which aims to cover all aspects of the sector.

If you’re looking for specialist cleaning services for your residents’ association in Mijas, you’ve found the right company!


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Cleaning services for offices in Mijas

Offices are places of work, and as much they should always be kept as clean as possible to facilitate productivity and creativity. A positive workplace atmosphere is key for success at work. For this reason, at Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we also offer cleaning services for offices in Mijas.

Sanitisation and disinfection services for offices

In order to guarantee maximum convenience for the office workers, our team of cleaning professionals will take care of sanitising and disinfecting the space as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt workflow, while at the same time providing an efficient service. A clean office space doesn’t just mean better performance from the workers; it also presents a better image to clients.

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Cleaning services for holiday apartments in Mijas

Mijas has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination in recent years due to its good location, weather and transport links to surrounding areas, and for this reason it has become more and more common to rent out holiday apartments, which are a great option for tourists visiting the town. However, for a holiday apartment business to flourish, it’s important to provide good service and guarantee that the apartment is as clean and in as good a condition as possible. How can we achieve all this? With a good cleaning system.

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we understand the needs of the holiday rental sector and for this reason we offer cleaning services for holiday apartments. Keeping a holiday apartment clean isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes, owners will have an apartment in one side of the city, but live in a completely different place, meaning that they can’t always go to clean and sanitise the apartment. Or maybe they live near to the apartment, but they simply don’t have the time to carry out a deep clean and guarantee the highest standards of disinfection. Would you like to forget about all these headaches? Book a holiday apartment cleaning service with us and all these problems will disappear. We’ll take care of everything!

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At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we don’t just clean your apartment, we also sanitise it. Our cleaning method, which uses ionised water and ozone, completely eliminates all kinds of virus, bacteria or pathogens. Since our method does not use chemical products, it is non-harmful to the environment whilst at the same time guaranteeing the same results as more conventional methods. Fast deep cleaning services for holiday apartments.

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