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Malaga Office Cleaning

Company specialised in Malaga Office Cleaning. Our service includes the cleaning and hygienisation of all kinds of surfaces and materials like glass, floors, graffities and more.

We rely on a team formed by professionals highly qualified for cleanings that are always looking for the best techniques to remove both dirt and bacteria completely. We are committed to a personalised service focusing on offices in Malaga, Costa del Sol and surrounding areas.

Malaga Office Cleaning Experts

Our team has a high level capacity and knowledge for the cleaning of your office. The number of satisfied customers that we have in our history and customers who continue to trust us are proof of our high quality service.

We are the best option available for those who look for a cleaning company that offers aesthetic results as a deep hygienization of their offices. We always do our best to meet excellence expectations of our clients.

That is the reason why our teams and services are continuously being actualised to meet the constant innovations that happens in this sector.

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Office Cleaning services

Office cleaning in Malaga is a strategic task that is in line with the image the company wants to transmit. It has a direct influence on the comfort and safety of the employees who work there on a daily basis. It also has an impact on the experience of potential clients who visit the premises.

Our integral office cleaning service seeks to create comfortable work spaces and a practical space for your clients visits. For this motive, we focus on the complete hygienization of all surfaces, using the most modern technology and highest quality materials.

Eco-friendly office cleaning Malaga

The cleaning service that we offer includes the use of ecological materials and techniques that guarantee best results in a friendly and sustainable way to the environment.

Among the used techniques, we highlight the following:

Ozone cleaning

Cleaning with ozone, the active form of oxygen, has great potential to disinfect a space by eliminating all bacteria. The use of ozone can remove odours from animals, damp, tobacco and more.

This method is fast acting, offers excellent results and does not cause any damage to the treated surfaces.

Cleanings with ionised water

Ionised water is obtained by using ionising equipment with a cathode and an anode. These convert tap water into activated water, a key cleaning element for disinfecting surfaces.

The use of ionised water allows the best cleaning and hygiene results without using environmentally harmful detergents while maintaining 99.9% effectiveness.


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Steam cleanings

Steam cleaning involves the use of dry steam at temperatures of around 160 degrees and a pressure of between 6 and 8 bar. Thanks to this combination of features, we can achieve a thorough cleaning of a surface using a minimum amount of water.

The high temperatures also ensure the complete elimination of germs and bacteria from different surfaces while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it can be used for all types of surfaces and our team has the complete expertise to use it.


The best Malaga office cleaning services

Offices are buildings that must be kept completely clean for the safety of employees and overall productivity. With our specific cleaning tools and techniques we ensure impeccable results for your premises.

As a result, it will improve employee performance and may even increase the potential to attract new customers. Clean offices project a positive and confident image to both suppliers and customers. That’s the reason why it’s vital to hire a professional cleaning service for your offices.

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