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Gym Cleaning in Malaga

At Gym Cleaning Malaga, we guarantee a service with sufficient experience and tailor-made solutions, leaving your premises in optimal conditions. Whether you’re a public or private gym, we’re the best company you can hire to remove dirt, impurities, and germs.

Expert Gym Cleaning Company

With our cleaning services for gymnasiums, we guarantee a methodology and actions that achieve maximum sanitation and cleanliness of the gym spaces. We ensure that the floors, walls, windows, and any surface in the gymnasiums are kept in optimal conditions. 

Additionally, our gym cleaning service utilizes the latest technology machinery, capable of achieving deep cleaning and disinfection while working quickly and efficiently to not interrupt activities.


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How We Work at Costa del Sol Cleaning Service?

For gym cleaning in Malaga, we evaluate the space and consider the type of facility to determine the equipment, products, and execution time needed for cleaning and maintenance. With this information, we draw up a tailor-made work plan that fits your budget.

We supervise our staff and carry out constant evaluations of their work, applying rectifications when necessary. Our professional and qualified staff is experienced enough to guarantee efficient and fast cleaning in your establishment.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We use environmentally friendly products and techniques that do not harm the environment or people. Our technology serves to disinfect and deodorize spaces, eliminating unpleasant odors. We use top quality products that are able to remove dirt thoroughly, guaranteeing clean and hygienic spaces while helping to restore and protect the environment.

Ionized Water Cleaning

We use ionized water to achieve efficient cleaning of up to 99.9%, which doesn’t require detergents and is an environmentally friendly method. It is an excellent natural detergent, which effectively removes dirt and residues without leaving any chemical residue. Ionized water cleaning is a safe and effective method of removing bacteria, viruses, and germs from surfaces.


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We are the ideal cleaning service for your gym

With our extensive experience as a cleaning company in Malaga, offering various cleaning services for schools, premises, among others, we provide customised solutions at the most competitive prices in the market. We are a professional and flexible service that can work according to your preferred timetable to avoid disrupting activities in the gym. We even develop maintenance plans to visit regularly and clean the spaces.

Furthermore, with our advanced cleaning services in Malaga, we guarantee compliance with health and hygiene regulations and ordinances stipulated by competent authorities. This ensures safer, more pleasant, and healthier environments for everyone who uses the gyms, contributing to their comfort and convenience.

Why Choose Our Gym Cleaning Malaga??

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality gym cleaning services. Our products and techniques are designed to achieve efficient and effective cleaning, carried out by highly trained and experienced staff. 

We use professional cleaning machinery, tailored to the specific needs of your gym, ensuring thorough hygiene and disinfection. 

Our flexible schedule allows us to work during the gym’s free hours, avoiding interfering with regular activities and allowing employees to continue with their tasks without interruption. We are committed to keeping your gym clean, safe, and in perfect condition, so you can focus on your sporting activities.

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