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Cleaning company in Coín, we are an effective company with a team of professionals who apply modern and efficacious cleaning techniques. Cleanliness is a priority, whether it be in your home, communal space, or office. For this reason, we take our work very seriously at Ecolimp, with more than 15 years of experience being the first choice when searching for a trustworthy cleaning company.

Specialists in Communal Space Cleaning Coín

At our cleaning company in Coín, we work with a team of trained and experienced cleaners, who offer premium quality service, listening to and attending to the needs of each client. We are known for the assurance and confidence that we provide our clients with when it comes to cleaning any type of communal space or residential complex.

Our commitment is to offer the highest quality we can in our work and specialisation, with regards to the techniques we employ for cleaning and disinfection. In the cleaning process we make use of ionised water and ozone. This technique provides a means of comprehensive cleaning and disinfection without causing any harm to the environment.


We never provide the same service to different clients, we communicate with our clients, and depending on their needs we offer them a personalised service. We create an action plan that is adapted to the needs of their communal space or residential complex, so that we can achieve maximum cleanliness and disinfection.

Moreover, we focus on carrying out our cleaning services in Coín at the fastest possible rate. Being available at any moment that our clients might have a cleaning emergency. Our range of services renders us the most equipped company for any type of cleaning need in Costa del Sol.

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Office Cleaning Service in Coín

Another service we offer at Ecolimp is our specialised office cleaning in Coín. Our services stand out by having both efficiency and efficacy at the same time, owing to the technology we make use of, which allows us to enhance our productivity. This allows us to achieve optimal levels of hygiene, so all the offices which we clean are left with ambient air that is pleasant to breathe.

We want your office to be left clean and disinfected, reflecting quality, and supporting the health and performance of the employees, and for this reason we are the best cleaning option in Coín.

We provide meticulous comprehensive disinfection, and we are not satisfied with just superficial and aesthetic cleaning, we focus on the disinfection of every surface, using the best techniques available so the environment is left clean and disinfected.


Tourist Apartment Cleaning Coín

If you are a landlord, or landlady, of a tourist or holiday apartment in Coín, we offer you our services for leaving your apartment clean and disinfected for your next guests, so that you need not worry about anything.

We are specialists in this area of cleaning (which should never be neglected), so your guests will always be satisfied with their stay. We bring our team of professionals and innovative techniques to your apartment and carry out a comprehensive clean in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Types of Cleaning We Carry Out

Owing to our experience we are specialised in a diverse range of cleaning needs and spaces, and therefore also offer our services in:

  • Hotel cleaning:

With the constant passing of people, cleanliness is very important, we can help you with cleaning and disinfecting hotels.

  • Cleaning shopping centres:

An area with such a large surface area and flow of people requires a thorough clean and disinfection, which we can provide you.

  • Industrial Cleaning:

We clean warehouses/factories in Coín.

  • School Cleaning:

We take the cleaning and disinfection of schools very seriously, given the repercussions on the children’s health. With a cleaning service like ours, you need not worry.

  • Other services offered:

We also offer our services for function rooms, sports facilities, medical clinics, dentists etc.

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Cleaning and Disinfection with Ionised Water

Cleaning and disinfection with ionised water is an innovative technique that is revolutionising the world of cleaning, and the way that it eliminates dirt and disinfects surfaces. This type of cleaning offers various benefits and quality results never before seen, and in addition it does not harm the environment. For this reason, to be even more effective, we have decided to employ this technique in all of our surface cleaning and disinfection processes.


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