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Malaga Dealerships and Garages Cleaning

We are a cleaning company in charge of Malaga Dealerships and Garages Cleaning. We take care of public and private spaces. Our service stands out for the quality and professionalism for each type of cleaning we offer.

We offer a cleaning service for car dealerships and garages in Malaga, conducted by our professional team, using innovative techniques to completely remove all the dirt and bacteria.

Experts in Malaga dealerships and garages cleaning

If you’re looking for cleaning experts in the area of Malaga, you can count on us. We have a track record of many satisfied customers who trusted and continue to trust our services for the cleaning of their dealerships or garages.

We are a cleaning and maintenance company in Costa del Sol that offers aesthetic results and an ideal hygiene for dealerships and garages. Since our beginnings, we have been continuously training to meet all expectations in terms of both excellence and aesthetics, always achieving higher results than our competitors.


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Malaga Dealership and garage cleaning services

Working areas like car dealerships and / or garages require a deep cleaning to assure security and productivity of its workers. In addition, it’s a factor that impacts in a direct way the client will feel on his visit.

For this reason, we count on different cleaning services that guarantee the comfort and security of both workers and clients. Our team is formed by professionals trained to clean and sanitise these specific areas.

Among the services we include for the cleaning of car dealerships and garages in Malaga we highlight the following services:

Graffiti cleaning

If you have been a victim of graffities in your dealership or garage, we can help you to remove them thanks to our professional cleaning team in Malaga. We offer you the best result so the graffiti disappears completely.

Window cleaning

We carry out complete window cleaning using microfibre cloths. This allows us to achieve the best aesthetic results. They efficiently remove dirt, dust and bacteria. Thanks to this process, the glass is completely transparent.


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Floor polishing treatment 

We offer specific floor treatment and polishing services in Malaga. You can restore the shine and smoothness of the floor and bring your business back to life. Our techniques provide the desired aesthetic results so that every customer is satisfied with our work.

Ionised Water Disinfection

We use the most innovative technology for our deep cleaning services, which ensures excellent results with highest possible hygiene. Our service includes the disinfection of garages and dealerships with ionised water.

Ionised water allows us to reduce the use of chemicals while maintaining the quality of our work. It is an effective working method that is also ecological and environmentally friendly. It can be applied to different surfaces such as glass, porcelain, toilets, etc.

Why to count on us

Our service stands out for its professionalism and efficiency in the cleaning of car dealerships and garages in the Malaga area. You can be confident that our results are the best available, as we work with the best technologies on the market.

We believe in efficient working to offer the best results in the cleaning of specific areas. To maintain the high quality level, our team is only formed by qualified professionals in the area of competence and the use of the necessary tools to do the best cleaning in Malaga.

Trust our wide experience, so you can enjoy the advantages of having a clean and safe dealership or garage for your employees and an attractive place for your potential customer.

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