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Malaga Industrial Cleaning

Our Malaga Industrial Cleaning company specialises in the cleaning of industrial spaces, which is carried out by professionals using the latest technology machinery and environmentally friendly products.

We are a cleaning company with extensive experience in cleaning and maintenance of public and private spaces, and specialised in industrial installations of all kinds.

Industrial Cleaning Company in Malaga

At Ecolimp, we offer maintenance and cleaning services in industrial warehouses, factories, storage and logistics centres, refineries, shipyards, etc.

Industrial cleaning consists of a series of steps, treatments and actions aimed at sanitizing and keeping clean the workplaces in industrial spaces.

These actions and treatments include the cleaning and sanitisation of floors, work spaces, walls and windows; the cleaning of machinery and equipment; graffiti and paintwork.

It also includes disinfection with ozone and steam machines.

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How do we work?

Once we establish initial contact with the client, we evaluate the space where we are going to work, the type of installation, the equipment and the time it will take to carry out the cleaning and maintenance.

Based on this information, we propose a budget and a work plan that meets your requirements. Once the cleaning activities start, we will constantly monitor and evaluate the work, to rectify where necessary.

We have professional and qualified staff working with top quality products, machinery and industrial cleaning in Malaga and surroundings.


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Ecological Industrial Cleaning in Málaga 

During the cleaning process, we use ionised water to disinfect, thus reducing the use of chemical products to a minimum. We are definitely oriented towards ecological cleaning and the recovery and protection of the environment.

In addition, we also have ozone machines, this technology can be used for deodorisation and disinfection of spaces to eliminate bad smells.


We are the right Malaga industrial cleaning service

At Ecolimp Costa del Sol, we have many years of experience in the cleaning, maintenance and laundry sector.

Depending on the type of industry or business you have, we can offer different solutions and maintenance plans, with budgets at competitive prices.

With us you will have a customised cleaning plan, adapted to the production needs of your company.

In addition to complying with health and hygiene standards and regulations in companies, through our work, you will be creating a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for your workers, a situation that will benefit your company in the long run, as improvements in working conditions are usually reflected in productivity.

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