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What are facade cleanings?

Our facade cleaning Malaga services are your best option if you want to keep the surfaces of your home or building in optimal condition. By hiring our specialised professionals, you will have access to all kinds of efficient, fast, and safe solutions to keep the facades of your buildings clean and in good condition.

We know that a clean and shiny facade is essential for maintaining the appearance of your property and increasing its value. However, it can be a complicated and dangerous job if not done correctly. That’s why at Ecolimp, we have a team of highly trained experts equipped with the right tools to carry out the job safely and effectively.

Our facade cleaning Malaga service includes a detailed assessment of your property to determine the most suitable cleaning technique. We use high-pressure cleaning methods, steam washing, eco-friendly cleaning and other specialised methods to ensure that your facade is left completely clean and stain-free.

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Professional Facade Cleaning Services

Our company is an expert in facade cleaning with over 15 years of experience offering professional solutions to individuals and businesses. The purpose of our services is to improve the conditions of building and housing facades by eliminating stains, dirt and any signs of deterioration. This will help improve the appearance of homes or buildings and prevent problems with the facades of the structures.

We are able to remove materials that adhere to the surfaces of the facades, guaranteeing excellent results and quick work without affecting the activities of the residents. By relying on our facade cleaning services, you will have efficient and professional solutions. You can contact us without obligation and clear up any doubts before hiring us.


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Experts in Facade Cleaning and Care

We have the best facade cleaning specialists in Málaga, with a long track record that guarantees fast, efficient and optimal work to keep facades in good condition. The facades of buildings and homes frequently get dirty, so you will need experts to carry out regular maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dirt on the facades.

Our professionals know how to carry out work at height, following the necessary safety measures and using the required protective equipment. For this reason, there is no risk of accidents, and you are guaranteed to have the highest areas of the buildings clean. We employ the best techniques and use the appropriate materials for washing and maintaining facades of any type.

In addition, professionals will point out any damage that requires urgent repair to prevent major problems with the facades.

Types of Cleaning

For facade cleaning of buildings and homes, we offer various types of cleaning services to choose from.

We carry out washing and maintenance of glass facades, using products that guarantee good results. When the work is finished, there are no traces of stains, dirt, or the products used on the glass. We also take care of cleaning concrete or natural stone walls. We employ high-pressure hydro-washing systems at height, allowing us to quickly and efficiently wash facades.

Moreover, these systems do not cause damage to concrete or natural stone surfaces, so they remain in optimal condition. We can even wash, clean, and waterproof brick facades of buildings and homes. With experience in various types of cleaning, we can choose the most suitable one for the facades, using fewer resources and time, achieving excellent results in cleaning.

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Advantages of Hiring Facade Cleaning

There are many advantages to hiring our facade cleaning Malaga services. The main one is that we have a qualified team that continuously undergoes training. Along with this, we work with the required machinery for cleaning facades, depending on the material, type of dirt, or complexity of the job.

As a facade cleaning company in Málaga, we are committed to the care of the environment and the sustainability of the planet. For this reason, we use high-quality products and advanced, eco-friendly cleaning methods. This allows us to meet the demand for cleaning and disinfection of facades while obtaining excellent results, and maintaining our firm commitment to respecting and caring for the environment.

To adapt to your needs, we offer facade cleaning solutions with flexible schedules. Thanks to this, we work at a time that is convenient for you, so as not to affect daily activities in the building or at home. We also offer the most competitive prices in the market, adjusting the budget to charge only for the service provided. Taking into account the labour, time, products used, and the complexity of the cleaning.


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Do You Need Facade Cleaning Services for Your Home, Business, Shop, Clinic, or Community?

At Ecolimp, we carry out facade cleaning for all types of businesses, homes, and communities: offices, villas, holiday apartments, clinics, gyms, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels…

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