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For garage cleaning in Malaga it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning with the aim of improving the state of the space where the cars are parked, given that garage floors are more prone to stains than other types of floors.

In addition, the accumulation of oil and grease on the floor is high, increasing the possibility of accidents and falls, as well as increased wear and tear on the pavement.

So if garages are always polluted and dirty, users who park their cars can inhale substances that are harmful to their health. For this reason, we have several services that guarantee the correct cleaning of garages and qualified professionals for the sanitisation of these specific spaces.


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Specialists in garage cleaning in Malaga

Our extensive experience in cleaning services allows us to guarantee optimal and efficient work when it comes to keeping garages in good condition. As they are spaces that are frequently soiled by the entry and exit of vehicles, they require demanding professional attention, compared to other spaces, to completely remove the dirt and contamination that is present on their surfaces.

We follow an ideal cleaning methodology for the sanitisation of garages, so that the results are of the highest quality and longer lasting, unlike other alternatives on the market.

In addition to this methodology, we have a team that understands the negative effects of poor sanitation of these spaces. Each cleaning task is carried out in a rigorous and optimised way to obtain excellent results, with less use of resources and time.


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Types of Garage Cleaning

Cleaning of spaces

Our professional team carries out cleaning work to meet the needs of each space. We can clean and disinfect toilets, offices and furniture, stairs and lifts. Using the right products, always taking into account the level of dirtiness of the spaces.

Surface cleaning

We also specialise in cleaning all types of surfaces in garages, such as interior and exterior markings, glass, barriers, cash dispensers, tickets, furniture, walls, pipes and even lighting. For each type of surface we follow a specific technique, which guarantees optimal cleaning and sanitation.

Sweeping and mopping

For floors, we use the sweeping and scrubbing technique for garage access ramps and floors. This enables us to remove dirt and debris, leaving cleaner and more hygienic surfaces, free of bacteria or health-damaging contaminants.

Advantages of hiring a garage cleaning company Malaga

Hiring our professional services is the best option if you are looking for optimal cleaning for garages. We have a qualified and professional team that is in constant training, thus offering you the best guarantees. As well as always working in a coordinated way so as to clean in a short time, regardless of the size of the spaces and the amount of dirt.

We use quality products and professional machinery for the cleaning of garages, with the assurance that its application is effective and in accordance with the demands of cleaning and disinfection of these spaces. Our products and cleaning techniques are environmentally friendly and do not represent a danger to the people who use the garages. In order to adapt to your needs, we work at flexible times when there is less traffic, in order to avoid affecting the influx of users who are parking their vehicles.

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